Animé Review – Seto No Hanayome

It has been a while since I posted something so figured why not start again with a review of what has be one the funniest animé I have seen of all time.

Seto No Hanayome is your standard out of this world comedy animé filled with puns and physical comedy. The show follows the male lead Michishio Nagasumi and female Seto Sun in their daily life after a series of situations forces Nagasumi to marry Sun, oh by the way…she is a mermaid….not just that….a yakuza mermaid…still there?

While the premise of the show is nothing new (besides the mermaid part) it does everything so well from animation to acting that you can’t help but to laugh your butt off to jokes you probably have seen in dozens of animé before. The surrounding characters introduced become a vital part of the show instead of being random stand-ins to set up jokes but they still do that a lot.

There isn’t really a whole lot to say about this animé and that might be its flaw. The animation is just fine and the overall story is generic so there really isn’t anything that makes it stand out except its humour, but when the humour is as good as it is, this is no problem.

Well it was short review but at 26 episodes Seto No Hanayome is a well executed and due to that hilarious show that you definitely should pick up when you are feeling down.

Should you watch it? YES! 7/10



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